Virus Origins: Investigating the Investigator

By Hans Mahncke

From The Epoch Times

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest mission to Wuhan, China, to trace the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic is back in the headlines. But not for the right reasons.

Its ostensible purpose was tainted from the start, as revealed by a March 17 article in The Wall Street Journal that showed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secured veto rights over who was going to be allowed to travel to Wuhan to conduct the purported investigation.

With the CCP’s power to effectively pick and choose who should be on the team, the only American invited to be part of WHO’s investigation was Peter Daszak. He’s the president of the EcoHealth Alliance, a government-funded nonprofit that is purportedly engaged in research to prevent pandemics.

It seems as no coincidence that Daszak was handpicked for this effort. In fact, given his own likely motivations, he may have been the CCP’s best hope of covering up the origins.

To understand why, we need to go back and look at Daszak’s close affiliation to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), dating back to at least 2013, when he co-authored a bat coronavirus study with the director of the lab, Shi Zhengli.

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