The College of Law at 6

Last week was the 6th anniversary of the founding of the College of Law in Hong Kong. Here’s a news story about the College:

PZ Media Inc‘s insight:

After studying, practicing, and teaching law for close to two decades, Hans Mahncke has made a significant leap in the field he loves. Hans Mahncke has founded the College of Law in Hong Kong. Given that he has such a diverse experience in the field ‒ doing everything from working as a lawyer to teaching law at various institutions – Hans Mahncke hopes that his varied and rigorous experience can be shared with aspiring lawyers in the new College of Law. Hans Mahncke has taught law to students at all levels, ranging from undergraduate freshmen to experienced, practicing lawyers.

“It just seemed to be an obvious next step,” said Hans Mahncke. “I’ve spent many years teaching, designing syllabi, and running law programs. But I saw a demand for a new College of Law, and it occurred to me that I might address that need and at the same time expand my career in a new and challenging way.”

Hans Mahncke explains that the College of Law is still only in its early stages, but the college has already shown enormous promise. So far, Hans Mahncke has been able to attract world-renowned scholars with the aim of bringing high quality law education to students and practitioners in Hong Kong. Hans Mahncke notes that interest in the College of Law is already at an impressive level.

“There seems to be a real demand for law programs outside of the three government-funded institutions,” said Hans Mahncke. Additionally, Hans Mahncke seeks to provide comprehensive educational consulting services for institutions and students alike, with the aim of enhancing Hong Kong’s ability to compete in the increasingly competitive and globalized education market. With his background in both law and university administration, Hans Mahncke is uniquely placed to offer these services. His experience and teaching abilities will attract both law students and educational institutions.

“It’s very exciting to begin a new educational venture,” said Hans Mahncke. “I’m incredibly excited to see the College of Law grow and develop as we help students and institutions embrace the opportunities of the Chinese market, but also face the challenges of a globalized world.”

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