CY Leung’s duty to appoint HKU Council Chair

Hans Mahncke

CY Leung as Lufsig

In his capacity as Chief Executive of Hong Kong, CY Leung has the right and the duty to appoint university council chairs. The wisdom of this prerogative might be questioned. In fact, this prerogative is one important manifestation of Hong Kong’s downfall. In truth, a Beijing appointed sociopath should not be appointing people to head universities. But that is the system the British left behind, which – like so many of the old colonial rules – is now being abused by Beijing appointees to wreak havoc on what used to be a free society.

In the end, no matter how unjust and oppressive the system is, it is CY Leung’s duty to appoint the HKU Council Chair, which he should have done by Friday, 6 November. Thus far, he has not done so. Of course, CY Leung will appoint his elitist, arrogant and tyrannical buddy Arthur Li as Chair of the HKU Council. But why the delay? Does the sociopath think he can somehow choose an opportune time for the announcement so that no one will notice?

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