CY vs Brian Leung

Hans Mahncke

CY: A wolf in wolf’s clothing

Here we go again. CY, whom I erroneously called a wolf in sheep’s clothing at a chief executive election forum in December 2011, is, in reality, as we have all learned, a wolf in wolf’s clothing.

The target of CY’s latest smear is a 20-year-old university student, Brian Leung, who wrote an article on the possibility that Hong Kong might be independent. It is very much in character that sociopathic CY would get so worked up about a hypothetical narrative in a student paper that he would smear the student paper in his annual address to Hong Kong. It is equally in character that CY would trample academic freedom and integrity as if it was a nasty weed. To him, it is a nasty weed.

As Brian Leung himself puts it, CY is ‘using a common Communist Party tactic to consolidate his power’.

Just as his fairytale about foreigners funding the Occupy Central movement, once again we see an example of this sociopath making up stuff as he goes along. In the real world, sociopathic charlatans like CY are exposed and deposed. In Hong Kong, they are propped up by the Chinese Communist Party and continue unleashing their mischief.

Sadly, there will be no happy end.

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