Rooting out whatever is ‘illegal’

Hans Mahncke

Right on cue, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has decided to root out “illegal” places of worship, only allowing “legal” ones.

In China, the general rule is that “people are allowed to practice religion at sanctioned institutions that are required to preach and practice loyalty to the government.” 

Not unlike CY, whose definition of “rule of law” (i.e. rule by law) is that everyone has to do whatever the “law” says, the CCP is using the concept of “law” just like the Nazis did, to mean that anyone who does not follow their rules is in breach of the law. The upshot, of course, is that they can announce to the rest of the world that everything is being done in accordance with “the rule of law”.

By the way, has any member of the media asked CY whether the “advisory” part of his secret HK$ 50 million payouts from United Group Limited (UGL) was taxable according to the Inland Revenue Ordinance?



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