CY’s psychosis

Hans Mahncke

Bruno Ganz as CY Leung

Those who have long believed that CY Leung suffers from some serious form of psychosis now have spectacular proof in form of CY’s bizarre interview on Newsline.

For those who cannot stomach watching this pathological liar disseminate his self-serving drivel, in sum, CY is now saying that “foreign forces” are at work in the pro-democracy movement. Reminds me of the time when he was university council chairman when he also felt that all bad things – such as a staff union organising a protest – were being orchestrated by external forces, money was being funneled in through evil outsiders etc.

The sooner this vile creature passes into oblivion the better for everyone.

PS If it has not already been done, someone ought to produce a CY Leung version of Hitler ranting away in his bunker in “Der Untergang”.

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