CY Leung: A wolf in wolf’s clothing

Hans Mahncke


As events continue to unfold in Hong Kong, I cannot help but think of the time before CY Leung got himself appointed as Chief Executive. I had¬†experienced this man’s nasty, near pathological tendencies first hand for some years. As a university council chairman, he displayed all the same traits that he has shown as Chief Executive. Nasty, vindictive, obdurate and, above all, incompetent. It was this first-hand knowledge that persuaded me to join the 2011 Election Committee campaign, not because the other two candidates were any good, but simply because I wanted to let as many people as possible know what a disaster this man would be for Hong Kong.

Whether that was naive, who knows, but, in any case, CY had Beijing’s backing and so he was anointed to the position of Chief Executive. As soon as it was clear that that would happen, I was warned that I should lie low as he would be coming to settle accounts. In truth, I already knew exactly what was coming. And so it did come.

There are many stories to tell but that is not important right now. All I know is that he is very predictable in his ways and so I have no doubt whatsoever that just as he vindictively micromanaged matters as university council chairman, he is doing so now. One day, we will learn that it was he who ordered the teargassing of unarmed students. Hopefully, by that time, Hong Kong will have been ridded of this loathsome man, forever.

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