Media coverage of the situation in HK

Hans Mahncke

Hong Kong. Photo: Hans Mahncke

Good to see so many international media organisations covering the current situation in Hong Kong. Virtually every day this past week, the BBC World Service headlined issues such as the student strike, or the visit of sycophantic tycoons shoe-shining the rulers in Beijing. They have also featured interviews with people such as Anson Chan, who so eloquently explained why demands for things such as transparent and accountable government are not “Western” issues or ideals, but things that ordinary people the world over strive for.

This is a good summary of the overall situation in Hong Kong from the BBC.

Money quote:

On the same day Hong Kong students were telling me they had to stand up and be counted, the leader of the party which came to power in 1949 promising justice for the workers and peasants was having his photo taken in Beijing with Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-shing, and other Hong Kong tycoons, all of them insisting that stability and prosperity must come first.

Too true.

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