Well said, Benny

For all his talk about “following the law”, it is shocking but surprising that Dear Leader CY Leung has signed the anti-Occupy Central petition. Benny Tai, a legal scholar from the University of Hong Kong quite rightly has come out to say that CY has shown poor judgment. Again, given CY’s track record, nothing surprising about that.

I brought up the “law”¬†in this context as, by law, the Chief Executive may not be affiliated to a political party, i.e. he has to be politically neutral. This is enshrined in Article 31 of the Chief Executive Election Ordinance¬†(Cap 569):

(1) A person declared under section 28 as elected at an election shall, within 7 working days after the declaration-

(a) publicly make a statutory declaration to the effect that he is not a member of any political party; and
(b) lodge with the Returning Officer a written undertaking to the effect that he will not, if appointed as the Chief Executive-
(i) become a member of any political party; or
(ii) do any act that has the effect of subjecting himself to the discipline of any political party

Then again, by law, the Chief Executive has to be a person of integrity:

Basic Law Article 47
(1) The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region must be a person of integrity, dedicated to his or her duties.

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