Mainland petitioners?

The following story appeared today on RTHK’s news website:

Petition by mainlanders acceptable

State-run newspaper, the Global Times, says it is reasonable to let mainland citizens take part in a petition to protest the Occupy Central campaign. It said its citizens in Hong Kong were also stakeholders in the local community and had the right to express their views.

Occupy Central is planning a sit-in protest to push for democracy. The Alliance for Peace and Democracy in Hong Kong said it has collected 380,000 signatures since Saturday against the Occupy Central campaign.

What is RTHK trying to say? My best guess as to what this article is trying to tell us is that the Alliance for Peace and Democracy in Hong Kong has stationed its signature collectors in places with many Mainlanders and that most of the signatories are in fact Mainlanders. As all of this is informal, it is not really a question of whether it is acceptable or not. But if my interpretation of what RTHK is trying to say is correct, then the whole story only reinforces what so many Hongkongers are complaining about in the first place, which is that outsiders are running their city.

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