National People’s Congress Chairman’s View

Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of China’s National People’s Congress, has apparently elaborated on the meaning of “loving Hong Kong and China”.

The conventional wisdom is that the meaning of “loving Hong Kong and China” is not analogous to, say, an American “loving America” or an Italian “loving Italy”. Instead, “loving Hong Kong and China” is cipher for saying “supporting one-party rule”.

This conventional wisdom has now essentially been confirmed by Zhang, who is quoted as saying that NOT ALL pan-democrats would be considered as people who don’t love Hong Kong and China (emphasis added).

Presumably he means that, potentially, there are a few pan-democrats who may not object to one-party rule in China, provided that Hong Kong were afforded some limited measure of democracy. But the mere fact that Zhang basically equates being a pan-democrat with not loving Hong Kong and China says it all.

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