‘In Conversation’ with Anson Chan

Last week’s ‘In Conversation‘ with Anson Chan was well worth the wait. Can’t say I am (or ever was) a big fan of hers (and she again reminded me why, e.g. when she tries to explain why she did not join the 1/1/03 march), but anyway, she does generally get it, particularly that CY has been an unmitigated disaster for Hong Kong.

Money quote: “I advise my children to give their children as many options as possible because given what I’ve seen happening in Hong Kong in recent years and particularly in the two years that CY has been in the post, I am really not very sure whether Hong Kong will remain the place that we all love.”

In other words, get out while you still can. Too true. I also fully agree with her sentiments about a shift in mentality – very much applies to me too, especially having seen first hand what CY is like:

“I’m beginning to see a little change (…) certainly amongst people in the professions, particularly people in their 30s and 40s who have young children – they really are worried what Hong Kong is going to like five years down the road, ten years down the road.”

You can watch the whole show here.


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