Judicial review of the TV licenses decision

As many will recall, last summer there was public outcry over the government’s decision not to grant HKTV a TV license. It was widely reported (or speculated) that the decision to grant all other applicants a license but not HKTV was politically driven, perhaps because some may not regard HKTV owner Ricky Wong as a reliable government supporter. Who knows?

As mentioned here before, and as with so many botched or politicised decisions, the HKTV decision also went to the High Court to be subjected to judicial review. In fact, there are two judicial reviews of the decision under way. One made by two individuals and the other by HKTV itself. None of this would not happen in a democratic setting as those making the decision would be politically accountable to voters – something that is not the case in Hong Kong. In other words, it would be far less likely that a government would deny its citizens an additional TV channel if they had to pay a political price for their actions.

According to this report, the case brought by the two individuals is to be decided within two weeks. It will make for very interesting reading to see how the judge will deal with this and what impact the decision will have on the other judicial review, involving HKTV itself.

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