Daily Archives: May 19, 2016

Contract Law on YouTube


Dr Hans Mahncke

Although the natural born citizen debate is one that is sure to resurface one day, now that Ted Cruz is no longer running for president, we can turn out attention to more mundane matters of law. Over the past few months, I have made some videos to guide law students through their Contract Law studies. These videos can be viewed on YouTube here.

The face of higher education (and education in general) is changing fast and that is great news for almost everyone.When I first started studying law, this sort of open access learning was unheard of. The best that could be done for people in far away places was correspondence courses, where students were sent large packs of worksheets and exercises, which would be then have to be snail-mailed back to the lecturer on a weekly basis.

It has been great to receive so much positive feedback on my videos from students across the globe, and I will try and expand the library of videos in the near future, perhaps include some new subjects, as well as enhancing some of the older videos.