Daily Archives: December 3, 2015

Still no word from CY

It has been about a month since Leong Che-hung left the position of Council Chair of HKU and as yet there is no replacement. As I said in a previous post, it is CY Leung’s duty to appoint a Council Chair (never mind for the moment the preposterousness of this lying psychopath having this prerogative in the first place).

This is the relevant provision from the HKU Ordinance (Cap 1053):

“1. The Council shall consist of-
(a) 7 persons, not being students or employees of the University, appointed by the Chancellor, one of whom shall be appointed the Chairman by the Chancellor;”

Thus, this is a very simple matter of a the Chancellor (who is CY Leung) having the statutory duty to appoint, from among seven sitting councillors, a chairman.

Why the wait? Some of the earlier speculation was that CY Leung wanted to wait until after the District Council elections, so as to not upset voters who may otherwise vote for pro-democracy parties. I never thought that that was a very plausible explanation. CY is pretty much universally hated and this appointment will not change that either way.

In any case, things did not turn out to well for him in the elections. I think a more plausible explanation is that he is still plotting with Arthur Li as to how best to appoint Li and how to further erode academic freedom once Li is in power. Perhaps some horse trading still going on, or perhaps Li still needs to shoe shine CY’s mainland masters. Who knows but what is sure is that CY could not care less about what the public thinks of his appointments.