Daily Archives: September 9, 2015

Donald Trump and the media’s fallacy about illegal immigrants

Hans Mahncke

Everyone wants of photo of Donald Trump

The Donald Trump phenomenon seems to have caught pretty much everyone off guard. I have to admit that I too did not expect Trump to rise so high, so quickly. However, there is one thing which I think is a no brainer, and that is Trump’s relative popularity with hispanics. He currently stands at 30% with those voters.

How is that possible? After all, the media keeps telling everyone that his stance on illegal immigration is turning away hispanics. I think the premise that hispanics generally support illegals just because most illegals are hispanics is wrong. It is the usual media fallacy of grouping people by ethnicity, concluding that blacks will vote for blacks, hispanics support hispanics etc.

In my view, there are huge swathes of legal hispanics who are as unhappy about illegal immigrants as all the other Trump supporters. In fact, I would think that those people who queued up and came the legal way, often waiting for 10+ years, would be inclined to see everyone else take that path too. If you’ve queued up for a long time, you’re going to be pretty pissed off about someone else jumping the queue, irrespective of their ethnicity.