Daily Archives: June 24, 2015

CY’s delusions part x^n

EJInsight ran a piece today calling for CY Leung to apologise for last week’s Legco fiasco.

Well, that’s not going to happen. CY is a sociopath and compulsive liar, as demonstrated over and over again.

We can add the EJInsight piece as yet another example of this. The story recounts CY’s reaction to what happened in Legco last week as follows:

““There were some technical questions on the day of vote,” Leung said Tuesday ahead of a weekly meeting of the Executive Council. “Unfortunately, the bill was vetoed by a minority.”

Even though the opponents were in a minority, the bill failed to get approved “due to the Basic Law’s two-third requirement,” Leung said, referring to the “yes” votes necessary to pass a legislation.

Aiming to prevent further damage to the reputation of the pro-establishment camp, and to soothe the anger of Beijing, Leung said the bill would have failed regardless of how many pro-establishment lawmakers took part in the vote.”

The money quote, of course, is this: “the bill was vetoed by a minority“. No, it was not. The bill was rejected 28 to 8. In other words, it was rejected by a majority of 77.777 vs a minority of 22.222%.