Daily Archives: December 15, 2014

CY’s rule by law

Hans Mahncke

According to RTHK news, CY Leung is now saying this:

“The Chief Executive, CY Leung, has said that the biggest loss to the territory from the Occupy movement is the damage it’s caused to the rule of law. Mr Leung said it’s time for protesters to think about what sort of democracy they want. He said if the territory had democracy, but no rule of law, the government would be operating in a vacuum.”

What a complete pile of horse poo. Not surprising of course, given that it comes from the liar-in-chief. One may be forgiven for believing he is merely very confused about legal systems and principles, but the fact is that he is just taking a page out of his masters’ playbook. Beijing too has this nasty habit of equating ‘rule of law’ (which presupposes that the laws themselves are fair and just and that there are checks and balances) and ‘rule by law’ (which is tantamount to rule by the CCP).

The sooner this disgraced and despicable man is gone the better.