Daily Archives: December 1, 2014

CY Leung’s Modus Operandi

Hans Mahncke

Charlatan CY

So here we go again. CY is ‘warning protestors not to return‘. I have known and seen this liar and charlatan in action over many years and would hazard a guess that he has never ever spent a single moment considering why all those students are out in the streets protesting.

CY is not into self-reflection, he is not and has never been interested in dialogue, he is not concerned about solutions and certainly not interested in inclusiveness. CY sees anyone who does not agree with him as an enemy. His chosen modus operandi for dealing with any problems, criticism and so on is to attack and smear those whom he regards as enemies. It was exactly what he did when he was university council chairman. His list of enemies might have grown, his M.O. remains the same.