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Rooting out whatever is ‘illegal’

Hans Mahncke

Right on cue, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has decided to root out “illegal” places of worship, only allowing “legal” ones.

In China, the general rule is that “people are allowed to practice religion at sanctioned institutions that are required to preach and practice loyalty to the government.” 

Not unlike CY, whose definition of “rule of law” (i.e. rule by law) is that everyone has to do whatever the “law” says, the CCP is using the concept of “law” just like the Nazis did, to mean that anyone who does not follow their rules is in breach of the law. The upshot, of course, is that they can announce to the rest of the world that everything is being done in accordance with “the rule of law”.

By the way, has any member of the media asked CY whether the “advisory” part of his secret HK$ 50 million payouts from United Group Limited (UGL) was taxable according to the Inland Revenue Ordinance?



CY and the ‘rule of law’

Right on cue, liar-in-chief CY Leung proves the point I made the other day, namely that he is deliberately equating the ‘rule of law’ with ‘rule by law’.

Here is what he said:

“Hong Kong is a city with the rule of law and our policies must be based on these laws.”

Substituting ‘rule by law’ for ‘rule of law’ is one of the favourite techniques employed by CY’s keepers in Beijing. The motto seems to be that if you repeat a lie often enough it will become reality, especially if you suppose that many people aren’t be able to tell the difference anyway.

By the way, sure everyone is on tenterhooks, just waiting for the liar to disclose which evil foreign forces were behind Occupy Central.

CY’s rule by law

Hans Mahncke

According to RTHK news, CY Leung is now saying this:

“The Chief Executive, CY Leung, has said that the biggest loss to the territory from the Occupy movement is the damage it’s caused to the rule of law. Mr Leung said it’s time for protesters to think about what sort of democracy they want. He said if the territory had democracy, but no rule of law, the government would be operating in a vacuum.”

What a complete pile of horse poo. Not surprising of course, given that it comes from the liar-in-chief. One may be forgiven for believing he is merely very confused about legal systems and principles, but the fact is that he is just taking a page out of his masters’ playbook. Beijing too has this nasty habit of equating ‘rule of law’ (which presupposes that the laws themselves are fair and just and that there are checks and balances) and ‘rule by law’ (which is tantamount to rule by the CCP).

The sooner this disgraced and despicable man is gone the better.

CY’s delusions

I have discussed CY Leung’s state of mind here before and so his latest pronouncement comes as no surprise whatsoever. Now CY is saying that individual pro-democracy legislators may break ranks and vote for his make-belief electoral “reform” package.

If it was not for the Chinese Communist Party and the fact that they made him Chief Executive of Hong Kong, no one would have ever heard of this despicable liar. But because they did, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

CY Leung’s Modus Operandi

Hans Mahncke

Charlatan CY

So here we go again. CY is ‘warning protestors not to return‘. I have known and seen this liar and charlatan in action over many years and would hazard a guess that he has never ever spent a single moment considering why all those students are out in the streets protesting.

CY is not into self-reflection, he is not and has never been interested in dialogue, he is not concerned about solutions and certainly not interested in inclusiveness. CY sees anyone who does not agree with him as an enemy. His chosen modus operandi for dealing with any problems, criticism and so on is to attack and smear those whom he regards as enemies. It was exactly what he did when he was university council chairman. His list of enemies might have grown, his M.O. remains the same.