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CY’s DTZ dealings

It has become awfully quiet with respect to CY’s DTZ dealings, which I talked about in an earlier post.

CY’s register of interests can seen here and previous versions are also available. DTZ never shows up. So what about those 4 million pounds in payments from UGL? Were they for past services or for future services? If the answer is for past services, then the payments are taxable. But apparently CY never paid taxes on the payments. If the answer is for future services – as the text of the offer letter from UGL suggests – then CY should have declared his interest, which he did not. Which one is it?

Meanwhile, the government is using private legal actions to avoid having to get its hands even dirtier with respect to Occupy Central.

Head of police watchdog skips protests

The head of the Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC), Larry Kwok, recently decided that he would not attend the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Alas, observing police performance is the main part of Kwok’s job description. And after all the complaints about police performance during the protests, ranging from the tear gassing to beating up of protestors, this would be a pretty good time for Kwok to do his job.

His excuse for not doing his job? “It would create more confusion”.

I wish I could skip work because it would cause confusion.

PS By the way, Kwok spent a decade as a Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) delegate. Oh, and he was appointed by CY Leung. And his predecessor as IPCC head did not exactly think that Kwok’s appointment was a good idea. Not that CY cares.

CY Leung despises common people

Hans Mahncke

CY Leung as Lufsig

It’s been a week or two but CY Leung’s statement that common people should not have a vote because that would mess up the (i.e. his) political goals keeps lingering. Of course, those who know him have known about this particular predisposition of his long before he became CE. In fact, one of his hobbies as university council chairman was to persecute the staff union – ordinary staff could not possible be allowed to have a say.

Some communist that CY.