Daily Archives: August 10, 2014

CCP’s paranoia

While the democracy debate continues in Hong Kong, reality dictates that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), so long as it is in charge, will never ever accept any kind of ‘democracy’ in Hong Kong which does not involve safeguards for making sure that whoever leads Hong Kong is a friend of the CCP. In practical terms this means that if there is to be any kind of election, all candidates will have been pre-screened so as to ensure that whoever is voted in, is acceptable to the CCP.

While the disgraced Chief Executive is on holiday, yet another CCP mouthpiece has weighed in on the debate, making the point above, albeit using (slightly) different words:

Zhang, speaking at a Chinese General Chamber of Commerce event, also called on Hongkongers to consider political reform from a national security perspective.

He was paraphrasing remarks by the late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping, who said efforts must be made to prevent some people from using democracy as a pretext to turn Hong Kong into a base against the mainland.

Zhang reiterated that the implementation of universal suffrage not only leads to great changes in constitutional development and affects the city’s overall interests and long-term stability, but also “links the relations between the central government and Hong Kong and the implementation of `one country, two systems.”

Note the use of the term “against the mainland”, which of course means “against one-party rule”.

The situation is completely intractable. In other words, while the CCP runs the show there will be no democracy in Hong Kong. The only hope is that next time around the CCP will appoint someone less dishounorable than CY Leung.