Daily Archives: July 11, 2014

Rimsky Yuen keeps parroting gibberish

Justice Secretary Rimsky Yuen has again repeated his nonsense statement that June’s Chinese White Paper does not set any new requirements for judges in Hong Kong that are not already stated in the Basic Law.

As I discussed here earlier, the Basic Law contains no requirement that judges have to be “patriotic” and “love the country”. Just like CY, Rimsky seems to believe that if you repeat something often enough it will become true, or at least enough people will start believing it for the problem to go away.

We can add to the list of rubbish Yuen’s comment that ‘the government attaches the same importance to judicial independence as those who took part in a protest last month over Beijing’s White Paper’. If that were true 2000 legal professionals would hardly have seen the need stage the protest. What complete nonsense.