Daily Archives: July 1, 2014

Pro-democracy march

One of the more intriguing dramas that plays out each and every time there is any sort of protest in Hong Kong revolves counting the number of participants. Right now, RTHK itself is running with two juxtaposed stories on this issue, relating to today’s pro-democracy march. The top headline is “Police estimate crowd at 92,000“. Right underneath, we find another headline: “Hundreds of thousands stage march“. Which is it? I am not an expert bus surely there must be a scientifically proven method for counting participants at an event, defined perhaps as the number of people who passed by x-spot (such as SOGO in Causeway Bay)?

Of course, the main point is that the police nowadays seem to have an absolute limit of 99,999, i.e. there ca, a priori, never be more participants at any protest (aside perhaps from a pro-Beijing one).

The police has since revised its estimate to 98,600 – which only goes to reconfirm the magic 99,999 rule.