Daily Archives: June 21, 2014

Law Society president under pressure

This I did not expect. Hundreds of Law Society members (basically registered solicitors) have already signed up to vote for a motion of no confidence in Law Society president Ambrose Lam. Of course, Lam’s statement endorsing China’s requirement that Hong Kong judges have to ‘love the country’ and that they are ‘government administrators’, speaks for itself. However, Hong Kong is not exactly known for the courage to stand up for one’s beliefs – even the 2003 protests, I always believed, were in large part driven by economic considerations after the property bubble had burst, and after SARS struck. But this is different. These are people who have quite a bit to lose standing up to say ‘no’.

Interesting time. Let’s see what sort of turnout next week’s Silent March will generate. On current evidence, it will be substantial.