Daily Archives: June 19, 2014

China’s Humiliation Game

It never ceases to amaze how naive/self-indulgent westerns politicians, media and other elitist types are when it comes to China. The game is an old and tired one, but people never seems to learn.

This time around it is the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang who is visiting the UK with full honours, meet & greet with the Queen and all the rest of it, and somehow The Telegraph/David Cameron cannot quite seem to grasp why (or even IF) the guest just might be engaging in mockery and derision against the host. This comes after China’s Global Times went on an absolute rampage about Britain being a “petty”, “eccentric” and “declining” empire. I hate to say it, but the emphatic answer is yes, Li Keqiang and China are ridiculing Britain and that is just how the game is played. In China “face” is everything. What these elitist types keep failing to understand is that making someone lose face is part of the same coin. This means that even making someone lose face is done by way of apparently saving face. After all: saving face is everything. In other words, of course Li Keqiang was always going to give David Cameron, the Queen etc some face by showing up, smiling and shaking hands, and then, the next morning you’ll get the real score via some surrogate, e.g. the Global Times.

The Telegraph headlined it this way: “China tabloid attack hints at Beijing attitude towards ‘declining’ Britain”. Exactly which part about the attack is a hint? Not only is anything and everything in the Global Times writes pre-approved by the powers that be but the timing is coordinated for maximum effect and humiliation. When will the west finally get it and stop prostrating itself before China?