Daily Archives: June 15, 2014

Rao Geping’s views on Article 45

Continuing with the discussion we had here last week about the meaning of Article 45, Mainland scholar Rao Geping has now weighed in with his own views, which, notwithstanding that they may be his own views, would certainly not differ from those of the Communist leaders, in particular as this is not the first time he has felt the need to disseminate his views.

Also, notwithstanding RTHK’s rather convoluted way of presenting Rao’s views (“Rao said all chief executive hopefuls should elaborate on their platforms in public, before the entire nominating committee.“), put in plain, simple words, Rao is telling Hongkongers that while anyone can claim an interest in running, it is the Nominating¬†Committee which will be selecting candidates irrespective of whatever anyone else thinks.

As before, there is little or no discussion of the actual words of Article 45, for instance as to the meaning of “broadly representative” or the context of “democratic principles”. This does not stop The Standard from headlining Rao as a “Legal stalwart“, as if his views are a priori¬†more authoritative than other people’s views. Then again, “stalwart” is defined as a ‘loyal supporter of an organisation’, so maybe The Standard had something very different and altogether more appropriate in mind when it chose that label.