Daily Archives: June 9, 2014

Long Hair jailed

So just a day after I posted about his interview with RTHK’s In Conversation, highlighting that he is not really a radical banana thrower, Long Hair was today found guilty of criminal damage and behaving in a disorderly manner and jailed for a month. He is currently in custody pending a bail application and appeal to the Court of Final Appeal.

I do look forward to reading Justice Pang’s judgment, in particular why the other defendants were acquitted but not Long Hair. In many ways, jailing Long Hair now is pretty much the dumbest thing the government could do, as it will only focus more attention on the July 1st sit-in, also known as Occupy Central, which I talked about on this blogĀ a few weeks ago.

Long Hair has said many times that he fully expects to be jailed for this that or the other alleged offence within the current year and certainly the current Legco term, and that premonition has now come true. If there is one person who can cope with this sort of setback it is Long Hair. In fact, this will only make him stronger as he did when he first won his Legco seat in 2004 after having been jailed in 2002.