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Judicial Independence in Hong Kong

The recent refusal of the president of the Law Society of Hong Kong to answer a question in English – even though English is one of the two official languages of Hong Kong and even though Hong Kong will retain the common law system until at least 2047 – reminded me of a piece I published a few years ago on the the state of judicial independence in Hong Kong,  a topic that is perhaps even more pressing today than it was a few years ago, particularly given the many personnel changes in the courts.


Best Practice. Photo: Hans Mahncke

You can read the whole article here: http://issuu.com/underthelionrock/docs/best_practice_vol._2_no._1_winter

ATV English News on Law Society President

A few days ago the president of the Law Society of Hong Kong was asked to comment on the “Love China” requirement for becoming Chief Executive of Hong Kong. When he refused and told the reporter to translate the answer he had given in Chinese, ATV News decided to make his refusal the story.


ATV News studio. Photo: Hans Mahncke

You can see the video here: